Mount Cook in all its glory. This is one of the first mountains that Sir Edmund Hillary summitted.

This monument honoring Sir Ed outside the Hermitage Hotel has him leaning on his ice pick and looking toward Mt. Cook.

The beautiful turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo

A view of Mt. Cook from Hermitage Lodge

The view of Lake Te Anau that I had from the backpacker hostel where I stayed in Te Anau.

Another shot of Lake Tekapo. This part of the lake is closer to Mt. Cook. The water is such a beautiful blue.

Huddleston Glacier as seen between Mt. Sefton (top left) and The Footsool (top right)

Mt. Cook as seen from Hooker Valley

Here I am at at Kea Point with Huddleston Glacier in the background. The water behind me is from the melting glacier.