A stretch of beach along beautiful Golden Bay on the north tip of the south island. I couldn’t get enough of this area and I ended up spending five days at different parts of the bay.

Beach barbie complete with full moon.

Preparing for the beach barbie with Julia from Germany

Walking the tightrope to get to the falls

Swimming at the falls. The water was COLD.

A birthday dinner for Julia at a hostel in Collingwood. Felix is on the left.

Pancake rocks

Fox Glacier

Knights Point

Thunder Creek Falls


Paragliding over Queenstown. I paraglided off of the Chugach Mountains in Girdwood, Alaska in 2000. I ran off a 2,000-foot cliff with a parachute dragging behind me until it filled with air. It was a blast.

Golden Bay near Collingwood

Golden Bay near Collingwood