Wineglass Bay on a beautiful afternoon.


Russell Falls in at Mount Field NP

Mount Field NP

A French friend during a stop in Richmond

The City of Hobart as seen from Mt. Wellington

A couple of young Tasmanian Devils. They look so harmless yet a group of them can eat a human carcass--muscles, bones, internal organs--in several hours, leaving only the top of the scull.

A koala

An ostrich

A kangaroo and her joey

A bridge in the small town of Sheffield

Dove Lake below Cradle Mountain

The scenery along the Cradle Mountain hike

More scenery along the Cradle Mountain hike

Cradle Mountain

The restored prison and grounds at Port Arthur

Honeymoon Bay

Standing in front of Cradle Mountain

Shades of Devil’s Tower in NE Wyoming

I came back through Sydney a few days early to make  my flight to Auckland, NZ and also to spend some time with Erin and Jordan who I sailed on a felucca with in Egypt in May. We traveled to the Blue Mountains and to Manly Beach which is pictured to the right. They are great people and I had a wonderful time with them.

The very nice Manly Beach where Erin, Jordan and I had a dip and then munched on fish and chips.